Finding Our Voice

Update:  We have completed a very rough draft for the book, but we have decided to take the "voice" in a new direction.  We feel the new approach will add life and improve on the entertainment value of the book, while continuing to provide valuable feedback to future aspiring entrepreneurs.  This does, however, require a good bit more editing, so we have moved our goal of having a reviewable edit done by the end of the year.  Realizing that this is not what we had originally planned, we do feel that it is much needed strategy that will ultimately provide a greater value to you all.  As always, we appreciate your support and continued encouragement.  You all rock!!

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Words on Paper

Update: Greetings One Million Frogs supporters!  The draft is coming along nicely.  We have, at this point, a good part of the book drafted ... that is to say we have the crazy stories, the useful lessons, and a few other anecdotes on paper (figuratively).  We will be completing the final couple of chapters, then it will be time for the re-writes.  Of course, all of the magic happens during the re-writes, and given that I believe the material we've discussed and penned is really good stuff, the final product is going to be great!  We are on schedule, so we'll update you soon and will even post an excerpt when it is available.  Thank you again for your support and encouragement!



Update: The chapter outline has been finalized.  Hurray.  We had previously had a massive brain dump of awesome ideas, anecdotes and lesson, but in no specific format.  We've also nicely tied every chapter into a lesson and/or takeaway for the reader, while attempting diligently to avoid typical business and entrepreneurial cliches.  As well, we have partnered with a very talented writer to assist in the formatting and editing of the book, so that erors and grammer misstakes can be avoided.  The completion date is still aiming for September, though because we absolutely want to turn out the best work, we will not rush the final edit.  Thank you as always for your wonderful support!


We Did It!

We did it!  It went down to the wire and the final hour, but we were fortunate to have a number of last minute supports to help us reach our One Million Frogs Kickstarter goal!  Thank you so much to everyone who supported and encouraged us, and shared the link with friends.  None of this is possible without your help!  The next step is to finish what we've started and deliver to all of you what you expect.  Along the way, we've met a number of wonderful contacts, all of whom have offered help and support as we complete this project.  We're excited and energized ... and we hope you are too!  Again ... thank you, everyone!!!


New Kickstarter Rewards

We updated the rewards for our Kickstarter campaign, thanks to the wonderful feedback of all of our supporters.  We think they are clearer and, for the most part, more awesome than before!  For those of you who have already contributed, because we updated and changed some of the existing rewards, be assured that we will honor whichever award you wish to take.  We are appreciative of your support, and our highest priority is to not let you down.  Thank you again all of your who have supported us thus far!


What The Heck is Crowdfunding?

We've received a good number of questions about our One Million Frogs campaign on Kickstarter, and surprisingly, the most popular is ... What is Kickstarter, and how to do I contribute?   Okay, well I suppose that's two questions.  Regardless, we wanted to take a second and give you all some background on Kickstarter, crowdfunding and how to contribute.  See the video below.  Thank you!


One Million Frogs Reaches $3500 on Kickstarter

Okay, admittedly, we might be overdoing it a bit with announcing updates every couple of thousand dollars.  We do, however, want to show our supporters just how much we appreciate their contribution and encouragement!  Thank you again, for backing our One Million Frogs Kickstarter campaign!  We know you won't regret it, as we have a very special and entertaining book in line for you!  We also would like to ask all of you to share this link (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2129986596/one-million-frogs) with your friends, family, associates, colleagues, professors, mentors, neighbors ... anyone who might have ever had an interest in accomplishing something bigger, but have been too intimidated to do so.  This book will say to you and them ... if we can do, ANYONE can!  Cheers, and thank you again!


One Million Frogs Reaches $2,500 on Kickstarter

We reached $2,500 in just three days on our Kickstarter campaign!  Thanks to all of our fantabulous supporters!  Thank you all for your encouragement!  Please, if you haven't yet contributed, believe us when we say that you will not regret it.  We have a fantastic book planned and ready for completion, and we need your help to make it a reality!  If you have aspired as an entrepreneur or you are one, book will resonate with you!  Join the fun!


One Million Frogs Reaches $1000 on Kickstarter

We reached $1,000 in less than two days, thanks to some awesome supporters!  Thank you!  And, thanks to some fantastic feedback from supporters, we have added a few things to the outline that will benefit current and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.  While many of our anecdotes will help explain how we went from an obscure frog company to the fastest growing company in South Carolina, our readers will benefit more from the f@$%ups we committed over the past six years.  If nothing else, than anyone running a small or medium sized company will know that they are not alone in their frustration, anxiety, and doubt.  We've been through it too.  If you haven't already done so, we'd appreciate your support for our One Million Frogs Kickstarter campaign.  Cheers!

One Million Frogs Press Release

One Million Frogs Launches on Kickstarter to Fund Entertaining Book Sharing Entrepreneurial Success and Life Lessons

Myrtle Beach, SC (May 15, 2013)
Successful “frog entrepreneurs” RhettPower’s and Peter Gasca’s new Kickstarter  crowd-funding campaign aims to raise funds for their new book titled, One Million Frogs. The book is an entertaining twist on start-up entrepreneurialism as it chronicles the challenging and often comical journey and personal transformations of two businessmen and one very unlikely frog company. The campaign needs to raise $15,000 by June 12, 2013, in order to fund publication of the book and the employment of an editor. After the book is published, many of the proceeds will go to promote entrepreneurship in youth.


Follow Us On Kickstarter

Our Kickstarter campaign to fund the wonderful story of our journey from lifting half-full toilet paper rolls from shoddy hotel rooms to the Inc 500 is now live!  Please show your support by contributing $25 for a paperback version ... or more, and receive an awesome variety of rewards!  Also, stay tuned as we will be posting updates to the campaign, including details of the young entrepreneur initiative we hope to kick off with this book!  Thank you again for your support!