Update: The chapter outline has been finalized.  Hurray.  We had previously had a massive brain dump of awesome ideas, anecdotes and lesson, but in no specific format.  We've also nicely tied every chapter into a lesson and/or takeaway for the reader, while attempting diligently to avoid typical business and entrepreneurial cliches.  As well, we have partnered with a very talented writer to assist in the formatting and editing of the book, so that erors and grammer misstakes can be avoided.  The completion date is still aiming for September, though because we absolutely want to turn out the best work, we will not rush the final edit.  Thank you as always for your wonderful support!

  1. Forward
  2. Acknowledgements and Dedications
  3. Being an Entrepreneur: Ingredients
  4. Pizza and Shashlyk (How the Partnership Started)
  5. Blue Skies and Beaches (How Wild Creations Started)
  6. Where’s the 4x4 Matrix for This??
  7. Damn You Lehman Brothers!!
  8. The Big Break (Out)
  9. This Chapter Presented By Our Friends at PETA
  10. How Frogs Became Stronger Than Steel
  11. Too Big For Our Britches
  12. Righting The Ship
  13. Being an Entrepreneur: Add, Mix and Tweak
  14. The Future Looks Bright (So Adjust Your Screen Settings)