One Million Frogs Reaches $3500 on Kickstarter

Okay, admittedly, we might be overdoing it a bit with announcing updates every couple of thousand dollars.  We do, however, want to show our supporters just how much we appreciate their contribution and encouragement!  Thank you again, for backing our One Million Frogs Kickstarter campaign!  We know you won't regret it, as we have a very special and entertaining book in line for you!  We also would like to ask all of you to share this link (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2129986596/one-million-frogs) with your friends, family, associates, colleagues, professors, mentors, neighbors ... anyone who might have ever had an interest in accomplishing something bigger, but have been too intimidated to do so.  This book will say to you and them ... if we can do, ANYONE can!  Cheers, and thank you again!
Our $3,500 appreciation video: